Murray Oliver Custom Leather Maker


The first non-gunbelt made was as a Christmas gift for my brother. Belts can be made to any width you like and of several different types of leather for different uses. Colours and either border stamping or full stamping and carving can be added to any belt. I can order small brass or nickle name plates (halter or saddle plates) or can embose your name or initials as requested.

When thinking of ordering a belt I can provide samples of tooling and stamping patterns (hopefully soon they will be on the site for reference). As for hardware such as buckles, keepers, tips, spots, conchos etc. I can direct you to various supplier sites and you can pick from there and I can source the hardware at wholesale costs.

Belts can also be lined with various types and thickness of leather for differnent uses and results.

Essentially if you let me know what you want the belt for (gunleather, formal, work, tool, through the pant loops or on the hips) we can work out what will service you best.


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