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CORRECTION - I had originally and incorrectly thougtht and stated they were made for Crosman and have been thankfully informed otherwise by Marvin of Mr. Marvin's Golden Oldies. These vintage leather CO2 airgun holsters were acquired from the original after market manufacturer, Establo Leather in Guelph, Ontario (Thanks Rick!) and most are still in original packaging. They were made to order in the late 1970's and early 1980's for Canadian Tire for the Crosman 38 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch models. They are 10-12 oz hand oil rubbed all leather and machine lock stitched. Belt loop tunnel would fit a 1.5 inch belt with a medium lower ride, and has a muzzle rear cant for easier holstering and drawing on the longer barrels. Each has a snap hammer safety strap. Colours range from light tan to dark brown as seen in the pictures above. They are seen here with the orignal Crosman 38C and the current era Crosman 6 inch model CO2 pellet guns. I don't have an 8 inch model...yet. They fit my Dan Wesson 6" very nicely. They are almost all in excellent condition. A few seem to be drying slightly but with a good coat of oil or conditioner they would be as good as new. If requested I could open the main seam stitching, add any boarder stamping or carving and then hand saddle stitch the seam back. I doubt they would take a stain or die due to the heavy oiling they already have received. We can talk about any options or you can own it as made vintage in the package.

10-12 oz veg tan various colours

Machine lock stitched main seam

Snap hammer safety strap

Belt loop tunnel fits 1.5 inch belt

Hand rubbed oil finish


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