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 Welcome to Plinker Gunleather & Special Cases custom leatherworking. My name is Murray Oliver and I am the maker of custom leather goods for good custom people. My work carries my marks of either Plinker Gunleather or M.R. Oliver Maker.

The pages on this site are representative of what I can make and how I make it. For a tour of my current colection of work please visit the "Photo Galleries" page. Thanks.


I am a lone person shop who creates custom leather items by hand and by order. I have been creating custom leather epipen cases (being a carrier myself who could not find anything “cool” to wear my pen in), cell phones cases or holsters and belt cases for any other items you can think to strap on. I build custom leather airgun holsters, accessories and belts for the airgun fan(atic) (being one myself) so you can keep your weapon and ammunition at your side in style as you plink the day away. I also have wandered into the horse halter and lead creation as my daughter started riding and the horse they had her on had the saddest halter in the barn. Not any more. And a close friend raises I make halters for them as well. I'll try almost anything.


Please feel free to contact me:


M.R. Oliver Maker


416 569 2267




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