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And Tack  


 Well this how this how my product line seems to grow….my daughter started riding and “Flint” was the horse with the saddest halter in the barn. When the barn owner, an old friend, found out I was working in leather she mentioned Flint’s halter need and I said I would see what I could do. So I researched and researched and based on some old patterns, photos and an old halter which she said did what she liked..she pointed out the features which were desirable and why…I set out to built my first halter.  There is always more to improve on in means and methods but as a proof of concept it is a success. So now I have more orders for halters from the same barn and one other. I have arrived on a base design which I will stick with and am refining the sizing as I get feed-back. I will work in Latigo leather (a heavy specially tanned leather for strap work and outdoor use – usually burgundy or black) and bridle leather (a specially tanned leather which is designed to be workable and durable for  tack work – currently I am in working with dark brown and tan coloured hides). I can create a halter with the following feature selection you can mix and match:

 LEATHER  (Current Colors)                     

 Bridle (Tan, Dark Brown) or Latigo (Burgundy)

 THREAD                              HARDWARE

 White, black or brown      Nickel  or brass 


 Engrave brass , chrome OR stamped leather dyed to accent straps



I am also providing tack repair for those who don't want to replace a favoourite item just becuase it is worn or damaged. I can source replacement hardware to match and repiar and refurbish your much loved tack.  OR at elast we can try ..and if I cant then no charge.

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