Murray Oliver Custom Leather Maker



I have been fascinated with the image of the old west and the modern lawmen since I was a kid. While I do not condone the use of violence and leathal force I feel that those who use airguns for fun and sport should have access to the same kind of gunleather as is available for real firearms. One of my favourite books now is called “Packing Iron” and its images have stuck in my dreams and plans for the work I can do in recreating the masterpieces of the old west. I am immersing myself in the world of the modern holster for duty, concealment, competition and sporting by reading books such as John Bianchi’s “Blue Steel and Gunleather” and Rogers Combs’ “Gun Digest Book of Holsters and Other Gun Leather”. I have also added "Cowboys and the Trappings of the Old West" to my reference libray.



I am collecting copies of catalogues from the old master saddlers and viewing on-line the creations of new production houses and independent gunleather craftsmen. My aim is not to copy any of them but to reproduce classics and to re-interpret the designs that work and bring my own touch to the making of Gunleather for the airgun (CO2, Airsoft, pneumatic) or replica gun collector folks. I am also collecting patterns from both the authentic 1800’s old west and the Hollywood western style (yes they are different!) and patterns for the sportsman all of which could be used by the airgun plinker or target competitor.


I will not make holsters for personal cncealed carry or service carry for real firearms. My aim is to make custom holsters and rigs which allow the collector, air gun plinker, target shooter and competitor to carry their weapons and ammo with style and functionality. We are proud of our weapons and should give them the protection and carriage they deserve.

I am willing to try to make you anything  you can describe or provide a photo or sketch of. I will not attempt to make a direct copy of any other makers exact holster design. My aim is to work with you to create your own custom gunleather. No one else will own the exact holster you nd I design and I build for you.

If you have an airgun I don't own (yet) then we can work out how we can proceed to provide you with a holster that fits you’re your actual gun. I have a growing collection of patterns from Al Stohlman, Old Tandy packages and others such as Will Gorman so I can adapt and you can send me tracings and dimensions of your particular gun and I can build from that. I currently own the following air guns and can base the holster on them if you have the same or similar:

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